Write & Earn Guidelines and FAQs

Write & Earn Guidelines

The WRITE & EARN Program entails writing for NAIJA ADVANCE and getting paid doing it. You do what you love doing; WRITING, and at the same time you make MONEY doing it.

However, there are specific rules you need to follow in order to enjoy the benefit of our Write & Earn program. To make sure your articles passed through our Review Team, you must follow the following guidelines:

1. You shall only submit your own work. You are bound by the rule not to ever copy someone else article (be it online or offline) and submit to us. Copying other people’s article is plagiarism and it is internet crime. We hate plagiarism and so we frown at it. We have our own way of knowing a copied article, so don’t even try submitting one. If you submit a copied content for more than 3 times, you will be banned from the program.

2. You shall only submit QUALITY and ORIGINAL content. If your article is not of good quality, it will be rejected.

3. Your article must contain at least 500 words. However, on rare occasions, we may accept articles with lesser words (at least 400 words) IF we find the article to be of great quality.

4. After your article must have be approved, you should be ready to answer or give reply to all comments published under your article.

5. You must fill out your Biography information. This can be found under your account settings.

6. You must get yourself a Gravatar. Gravatar (or Avatar) is an icon of a user in a shared virtual reality, such as forums, chat, websites or blogs, in which the user wish to have something to distinguish themselves from other users.

Your Gravatar will be shown in your Bio section, which will be placed under all your published articles. Also, when you make comments, your Gravatar will show beside your comment.

To learn more on how to get a Gravatar for yourself, please refer to this post; Enhance Your Blog Commenting With a Gravatar written by Oyedepo John

7. After your first article must have been approved and live on, you must send us your GTBank or First Bank account details. At the moment, we pay all our Contributor’s monthly earnings to either GTBank and First Bank. If you want to use another bank apart from those two, then an additional transfer charge of N105 will be deducted from your monthly earnings.

8. To make sure your articles don’t get rejected, make sure you write your article’s title in ‘title case‘. Title case means All The First Letter In A Word Will Start With Capital Letter.

9. After your articles must have been approved and live on, you shall not copy or re-distribute those articles.

9. After you must have submitted your article, please do not add another post with the same article. It makes our work slower sorting through several articles with the same title and content.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: After submitting your article(s) to NaijaLEARN, it becomes the SOLE PROPERTY of NaijaLEARN. Therefore, you have no rights to redistribute these articles in whatever means, both online or offline.

Write & Earn FAQs

There have been several questions arising from this program and instead of answering the same question over and over again, I have created this Frequently Asked Questions section to deal with that. This section will be updated with newer questions and answers as they come in.

Q1: How do I join and start writing?

Ans: To start writing for NAIJA ADVANCE, all you need do is register by clicking here, then login into your NAIJA ADVANCE Contributor’s account and then start pasting your written articles.

Q2: How long does it take you to approve an article?

Ans: That depends on the number of articles we have at hand and also, it depends on the niche of the article that you submitted. For example, as at the time of writing this, we have enough articles on ‘how to make money’ and ‘technology’ articles. So if you write articles on these topics, it might take long before we approve it because we will intend to favor other articles in other scarce niche first.

Q3: How much can I earn per article?

Ans: At the moment, we pay all our Contributors Five Hundred Naira (N100) for every reviewed and approved articles.

Q4: How do I get paid?

Ans: At present, we will pay your earnings into First Bank and GTBank account. If you present another bank apart from these two, then you will be charged N50 for every monthly payout. This means we will deduct Fifty Naira (N50) from your monthly earnings. This charge is for online fund transfer charges from our GTBank account to your own bank account.

Q5: When will I get paid?

Ans: We pay out all earnings every last day of the month.

Q6: I don’t have a website of my own, how can I join?

Ans: To join NAIJA ADVANCE WRITE & EARN, you do not need to have a website.

Q7: What do you do with the articles?

Ans: If an article passes through our Review Team and get approved, it will automatically get published and the said article will go live on NAIJA ADVANCE website for public view.

Q8: Why are you paying people just to write for you?

Ans: We have higher vision for NAIJA Advance blog So, we are building soon-to-be, one of the best website to look up to in the whole of Nigeria when it comes to news and other issues. Our top priority is to help as many Nigerians as possible to find answers to their political questions when they come looking on the internet. And by doing this, we also make money.

Q9: How do I submit my articles?

Ans: To be able to submit your articles, you MUST first register on Once you’re successfully registered, you can then login to your account. Once you’re logged in, click on New at the top menu and then click Post. On the Add New Post page, enter your article Title in the first box and then enter your main article in the bigger box. After you’re satisfied with your article, just click on Save for Review and our Review Team will look into it within few days of submission.

Q10: If I submit an article today, when will it be published?

Ans: Period used in approving articles depend on the numbers of articles undergoing review at the moment and the type of topic the article was written on (niche).

Q11: What type of article can I write?

Ans: You can write virtually on any topic as represented on our category lists but the best and most rewarding is the list post or viral quize, so far you have good knowledge about that very subject. We do accept all content except content based on obscene materials, hate, racism and abusive content, politics, motivation, suggestions and religion.

The FAQs will be updated with more questions as they come in.

Thanks for working with us.

Naira Advance Team

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